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At G2G Coaching we know that everyone has what it takes to get incredible results. That it starts in the mind of each individual with a decision and desire to change. We know coaching is the key to unlocking that potential rather than training, and no matter what the starting point, great results are achievable.

There can be many barriers holding a person back from reaching their true potential. We know to overcome these barriers and create change a person has to be willing to give in order to get… give their time, give their energy and give their focus. We know that self sufficiency, self responsibility, and self awareness lead to long term, sustainable results.

At G2G Coaching we coach people toward becoming leaner, stronger, fitter, faster, more confident and injury free. We are a highly experienced team that specialise in injury prevention, rehabilitation, strength and performance, nutrition and lifestyle management. We each have the personal experience to back our knowledge. We have worked with individuals who have no previous exercise or gym experience through to International Athletes. We recognise that everyone has to start somewhere. 



We provide individualised programs focused on:

  • Strength, aesthetics and performance (SAP)
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Nutriton and lifetsyle management 

Our strength, aesthetics and performance programs are delivered through our group coaching sessions. Our injury prevention and rehabilitation programs begin with a physical assessment, and are then incorporated into our SAP programs. Nutrition and lifestyle coaching is carried out on both a one to one basis and through group coaching.

Our sessions are focused on using unique coaching methods to develop the skills each person needs to reach their goals and become self- sufficient.


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As a new member we take you through a thorough movement assessment and goal setting system. This process allows us to devise an individualised program for you. We offer 3 coaching packages that are tailored to meet your goals. Our packages include both group coaching sessions, and open gym sessions. Nutrition support is available through our social media group and coaching handbook and included in our packages. One to one coaching is arranged separately. 

Our group coaching sessions focus on what matters: progressive strength programs, mastering technique, developing physical awareness, and learning what works for each individual. Our members help one another, keep motivation high, and encourage progress. Our coaches help keep you accountable, keep challenging you and give you the tools to push your limitations. 

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In order to get started here is what you need to do:

  1. Click on the 'get started button' and fill out the online form
  2. Someone will be in contact within 24 hours for a quick chat
  3. We'll invite you down to see the facility, meet the team and the other members
  4. We'll arrange and carry out an assessment and goal setting session with you
  5. We'll design you an individualised program to meet your goals
  6. You'll book in for your sessions using our app and start training
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£229 Per month
6 month minimum commitment

- 3 day bespoke program
- 2 x coached sessions per week
- open gym
- Nutrition support
- flexible coaching slots








£329 Per month
4 month minimum commitment

- 4 day bespoke program
- 3 x coached sessions per week
- open gym
- Nutrition Support
- flexible coaching slots

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£529 Per month
3 month minimum commitment

- 5 day bespoke program
- 5 x coached sessions per week
- CARDIOVASCULAR conditioning program
- nutrition program
- flexible coaching slots


Assessment and Goal Setting

2 hour one to one session

- Movement assessment
- Joint stability and control
- injury cause and prevention
- goal setting



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Our facility is equipped to a high standard to facilitate our coaching method and environment. We focus on the tools that help produce results and we implement multiple training modalities for the various levels of skill and experience amongst our members.




Aidan is the head of Strength and Physical Performance. He is very analytical, and believes in helping others through discovering what works for them as individuals. After graduating with a BSc (Hons) in Sport and Exercise Science Aidan spent several years further building his experience and knowledge learning from some of the best minds in the industry. After completing an internship at Cressey Sports Performance, USA, Aidan began working in Scotland full time as a Strength and Conditioning Coach, before fully pursuing his own concepts and ideas. He is constantly seeking to improve his coaching ability and knowledge, and find better ways to relate information to clients and members.

Having faced many set backs in pursuit of his goals and ambitions, he believes you can find a solution to any issue if you have the drive to do so. Taking a very logical and practical approach to problems, Aidan strives to understand the 'why' behind any situation. He believes understanding why you do something, or why something happens allows you to create awareness. Awareness, both physically and mentally is what leads to long term change, overcoming injury, self-sufficiency and reaching the goals you really want. 

Aidan is a National competitive powerlifter, and orange belt in Judo. 

Unfortunately for all...he is just as smug in real life as he looks in his photo. However, mock him about his dancing and that expression will quickly get wiped off his face.



Ollie is the head coach of Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation. His ethos is centred around creating self-sufficiency within people, to help them to understand how to move pain free and become stronger. He is very pragmatic, and when it comes to movement dysfunction, mobility issues and pain management Ollie draws on his wealth of experience to overcome any issue. After graduating from the University of Glasgow, Ollie spent 3 years full time in a Clinical setting taking referrals from Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and other clinicians to educate their patients on how to move better, get stronger and prevent injuries. He went on to educate and qualify potential trainers, helping them understand how to assess there clients and coach them to move better. 

Ollie uses structure and planning to help him manage a hectic lifestyle. A competitive water-skier, he is the current Scottish Slalom champion and runs a 5 session/ week strength and conditioning program.

Sometimes Ollie trains topless in the gym...but we have a rota as to when this occurs so members and staff can avoid those times.


James Mckeen

James is the head coach of Nutrition and Lifestyle Management. James' focus is on how to create a long-lasting change in a persons nutrition and lifestyle. He has a unique ability to identify the cause of a problem, even if the person is unaware it exists. An extremely patient, compassionate and empathetic person, James takes a very realistic but open approach when it comes to creating solutions that produce results.  He has worked with a diverse set of clients from athletes to post cancer patients. He has used his skill set to take clients to higher level of performance, and physique athletes to a stage. 

However he feels it is important to recognise that food influences so much more than simply a number on a scale, or a performance outcome. That when it comes to health you must treat a person as a whole and not just a specific aspect.

James advises long-lasting change is possible in two ways... firstly you have routine, structures, and even a system. Secondly, is having a clear sense of purpose of who you are, not who you think you should be, and to know where to put your time and energy to be as efficient as possible.

James loves to put a plan in place...



Laura is a competitive natural physique athlete and powerlifter. Before starting strength training Laura was a synchronized swimmer; competing at an international level. Her time training as an athlete has shaped who she is and how she approaches goals and the obstacles to achieving them. Competitive schedules, training and nutrition have had to fit around a PhD in science and a demanding (non-gym based) career. She has had to work hard to overcome challenges that knocked her off track: Physical injuries and eating disorders spanning years.

Laura is very passionate about what she does and believes if you want something and you’re prepared to work for it then you can make it happen. As a coach she believes you have to walk the walk if you’re going to talk the talk. “A book can give you information but do you really understand it? Can you empathise and support if you haven’t experienced the process, sweated and cried, endured the pain, struggled with the defeat, fallen down and picked yourself back up, worked back from injury and overcome what you never believed you could overcome?”

With her drive and can-do attitude, Laura is also very unassuming and personable. She believes the coaching process is more than handing over training and meal plans: It is understanding, educating and supporting people.

Laura will likely (inadvertently) make you question who you are as person…whilst you struggle, as you’ll want to dislike her but just can’t...she's THAT person...   


Donnie Macfadyen

Donnie spent ten years playing professional rugby at the highest level. Representing Glasgow Warriors over one hundred times and winning eleven caps for Scotland. As a coach, his focus is helping people to achieve long term, sustainable changes. A very driven yet compassionate person, he takes a calm and methodical approach towards his coaching and is very open to new concepts and solutions.

His experience as a full time professional athlete exposed him to a wide range of training modalities, including Olympic lifting, strength training, and speed/plyometric work. Like many athletes, Donnie is no stranger to injuries, the arduous process behind rehabilitation, and the psychological impact that can have. 

Donnie applies the principles he learnt both as a professional athlete and his work as a coach to create change. He focuses on realistic goal setting, consistent intelligent training, coupled with a holistic mindful approach to lifestyle and nutrition. Finally and most importantly, he believes that results only come with hard work and by pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. 

Donnie wears a do-rag when he trains...thankfully, this is a misconception and he's a great guy.




Rauraidh has a blend of academic and coaching experience, achieving a BSc Sport and Exercise Science and MSc Strength and Conditioning. Alongside previously coaching athletes for rugby union, cricket, football, marathon and triathlon. Currently, he trains athletes for powerlifting and Australian Rules football. 

Rauraidh believes it is important to fully understand the person you are training, to get them to focus on the process not the outcome of their goals, and to build a plan around them. He combines his knowledge and practical experience to coach people to become diligent and persistent in their training, and ultimately self-reliant.   

As a strength and conditioning coach, ex-rugby player and current competitive powerlifter he is familiar with a broad range of training modalities. However, Rauraidh is a critical thinker, and is always taking steps to further improve his knowledge and experience in any areas he feels he can progress. 

Whilst he may have the eyes and facial expression of a psychopath, fear not...he is extremely friendly and approachable.




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